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Viz of the Day

A good visualization can say more than the 1,000s of numbers it is built upon. Check out the best infographics and data visualizations from our editorial team.


According to The World Bank Poverty and Inequality Statistics, more than 1200 million people live on less than $1.25 a day (on a PPP basis). It means that every fifth person in the world lives in extreme poverty. Click on the country on the map to get data on number of poors and inequality level.

Solutions and Services

Accessible Data

Unlimited, Up-to-Date Data

We make the world’s data accessible with our proprietary data technology. Experience the roughly 2.5 billion time series as a premium subscriber from or our Data Finder plug-in for Excel and Google Sheets.

Data is updated regularly as the original data sources publish new data. Formatted with a common structure and viewable instantaneously through search, topical filters, or our data catalog.

Compliment these data with your own private data or custom data from MarketTap to enhance and customize your analysis.

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Data Hubs

As a corporation, government, or educational institution you may prefer a customized solution to shape data access to your needs.

We build data hub solutions to meet your evolving needs and niche requirements for user access.

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Corporate Data Hubs Campus Data Libraries

SitRooms by

A specialized take on our classic Data Hubs, each Situation Room (aka SitRoom) provides a single point of coordinated data, information, and media coverage for specialized topics.

Following a health crisis? Overseeing security reviews for your global operations? Supporting a global research initiative on poverty? Tracking public relations drivers?

SitRooms are the solution for holistic analysis, knowledge retention, and information delivery.

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Content Solutions

Custom Reports

Our highly customizable dashboards support regular reporting and analysis and ensure you're working with the latest from your data catalog.

Export to PDF for a branded report ready for your C-Suite, clients, or publication team.

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Industry Cheat Sheets

New from Knoema, our industry cheat sheets include live links to topically-relevant data, statistics, and custom reports from leading industry sources and are downloadable as PDFs.

Let our guides replace the myriad of bookmarks and reports you have to maintain to find the data you use regularly or want to share with your clients.

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Intelligent Data Tools

Data Search

Leave behind text oriented searches on the web and discover a search tool built just for data to save time and discover new sources and related indicators.

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Meet your digital data assistant, ready to answer your data questions around the clock, 365 days a year.

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Compile your organization's data within Excel or Google Sheets in combination with data from Knoema's global repository for advanced computation and modeling.

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View your proprietary models and modify expected trends to review alternative scenarios for planning and forecasting.

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Generate custom maps based on regionally oriented or geospatially structured data in your collection or from Knoema.

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Visualization Suite

Create custom visualizations from your data library or the data repository ready for export in common formats or integration within interactive, online dashboards.

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Data Management System

Address your data management woes!

Our data management tool covers your organization's end-to-end data production work flow, equipped with features for data consolidation, validation, aggregation, and presentation and sharing.

Our built-in validation rules and arithmetic, time series, and analytical functions eliminate manual data checks and transformation.

Set up routines for automatic execution in Windows scheduler to save time and ensure consistency.

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Partner with

Leverage your proprietary data and analysis with our data and data technology know-how to expand your client base and better serve existing clients with a joint subscription service with Knoema.

Ready-made branded reports, customized data and visualizations, social media feeds, and qualitative information archives round out your product offering.

Already active in economic, financial, health, security, and steel industries, we welcome new partnerships to deepen and expand our industry coverage.

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